What We Did

  • Devotional
  • C’Ya #18: romeo and juliet ignored their friends and oscillated to the music. where do you go to school asked romeo. shakespeare high school replied juliet
    • Turn in Bellwork/C’Yas
  • Work in class on how to do the annotated bibliography
    • We walked everyone step by step through creating the annotated bibliography for the 20% project.  If you missed this, you are welcome to come in at any time after school to get a 1:1 tutorial.
  • Huck Finn chapters 9-10 and assignment

What You Need to Do: 

  • You need to pick up a copy of the Huck Finn 9-10 assignment to complete
  • You need to finish all late work/re-submissions by December 13th
  • Weekly Report due Tuesday afternoon