Welcome to the Fusion Program


Why should you join the Fusion Program?

  • It’s a program with 8 years of proven success in helping students find passion and competency.
  • Students study an abundance of classics and primary sources giving them a strong academic foundation.

“It set me up for success. I learned to think for myself.  The learning that happens there is so memorable.”

Marie Johnson, BYU Student

  • Students completing the program boast a 79% proficiency rate, among the highest in the state of Utah.
  • Project-based learning and hands-on work help link class work to individual passions.

“While Duffin and Newman are funny and goof around, they actually get stuff done and you learn.  That was the class that really helped me come out of my shell.  I believe in myself because of the things that they have taught me.” 

–Crys Bunker, class of 2016

  • Students may participate in the program throughout High School, offering a consistency and camaraderie, as well as consistent personal attention for success throughout their education.

“It affected literally every single aspect of my life in the best possible way.  It taught me how to be a better academic, a better actress, a better member of my church, and a better person.  You learn a lot about English and history, but you learn a lot about life, and that is the reason that Fusion is special.”

–Holly Hill, class of 2018

  • The class offers many unique activities, field trips, and travel study opportunities to enhance the education.
  • The fun, entertaining, humorous and lively culture creates a comfortable environment where students feel free to learn and explore.


“It was fun and it was hard at the same time.  It was a great opportunity to open your mind and expand your views about the world.”

–Kensey Anderson Shaw, mother of 2.


“This class was life changing for me.  I learned how to be myself, form my opinions, enjoy writing and enjoy the classics of what good literature and art are.” 

–Zach Lundberg, International Business Major






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