What We Did: 

  • Bellwork: In what antagonistic situations is a non-violent response best?  When is a violent response best?
  • C’Ya #38: juliets parents had also arrived to find their daughter. never see that swine romeo again they said. why dont you go out with that nice boy named paris hes rich they added
  • Notes on “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine
    • You will want to pick up a copy of these notes
  • Warriors Don’t Cry discussion
    • We are gathering quotes for use on our test.  You will want to get these notes from a friend or from us.  The test gets passed out on Wednesday!

What You Need To Do: 

  • Warriors Don’t Cry test will be handed out on Wednesday.
    • 10% Bonus if the test is turned in by Monday
    • 5% Bonus if the test is turned in by Tuesday
    • Test is officially due on Wednesday
  • Finish reading the book for Wednesday