What We Did:

  • Devotional
  • C’Ya #40: oh miranda what am i going to do she lamented as she laid sobbing on her bed
  • Test work/preparation time for Warriors Don’t Cry (you should have your first three paragraphs done!)
  • Read the first three sections of Stargirl and gave our first bonus assignment:
    • Do something for a full day in the spirit of Stargirl.
    • Don’t do anything that will get you in trouble with the administration and expect a bailout!
    • Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing beforehand or explain why you’re doing it until the day is over.
    • You must do it alone.
    • To get credit, arrange a time with us to share what you did with the class.

What You Need to Do:

  • Warriors Don’t Cry test is due on Wednesday next week.  You can get bonus for turning it in earlier :).
  • Read the Prologue-Chapter 2 to catch up on your reading