Bellwork: The first ten amendments of the US Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.  These ten amendments outline the rights that the Founding Fathers felt were most important to protect.  What rights do you feel every human/American should have?

Caught Ya #42: juliet continued to shed copious tears and added me and him will never see each other again

Turn in Bellwork/Caught Yas

Today we read chapters 12-14 of Stargirl.  You need to read these chapters.

We reviewed common mistakes from the Warriors Don’t Cry test and gave the test review assignment.  You need to log in to turnitin.com and view the comments on your test.  Then you need to write a one paragraph summary of the comments you received and state whether or not you are going to revise and resubmit your test or not.

We began reading through the United States Constitution.  You need to pick up a copy of the Constitution and get the notes that you missed.  There will be a (memorized!) test on this information!