Bellwork: How do you find a balance between the pressure to conform and the desire to be unique?  When should someone conform to the pressures of others and when should someone rebel against convention?

Caught Ya #44: the servants had outdone theirselves festoons of garlands hung from the ceiling and lace covered tables groaned under the weight of the food

Today. . . we read chapters 21-23 of The Light Between Oceans.  There has been a small shift in the reading schedule because of the SAGE test interruption.  We will read three chapters per class period until we finish the book.  Whatever is unfinished will be homework.  On May 10th we will have an in-class writing assignment response to The Light Between Oceans, which will include a few short responses (instead of the formal essay as originally announced.)  Please come see us if you have any questions or concerns.

We also began our study of music from the 1950s.  We will be comparing and contrasting music from the 1950s to music from the 1960s.  You will want to get notes on what songs we listened to so you can listen to them and look at the messages in the songs.