Today in class we read chapters 1-3 of Frankenstein and introduced Bellwork.  We also continued notes on The Book of the Dead.

Bellwork is an in-class writing activity that will sometimes happen at the beginning of class but will also happen other times during class as well.  The goal of bellwork is to practice writing.  Some writing that you do is meant to show off what you already know.  Bellwork is not this kind of writing – it’s meant to be writing to learn, where you learn new things through the process of writing through your thoughts.  You are not graded on spelling or grammar but on if you participate.  You do have to make up bellwork if you are absent.  We will turn them in when we get to three.


Our first bellwork question is: “If you could avoid death – would you?”  Please write for three minutes on this topic.  Don’t stop your pencil, write whatever comes into your head, even if it feels like nonsense.

The heading of your paper should be in the top right corner.  Please put your first and last name, then skip down and put the date, then skip down and put the class period you are in.

You also have an assignment for Frankenstein.  After reading the third chapter, write a 5-7 sentence paragraph (you can write more, but that’s the minimum) describing if you think Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein) believes that fame and glory are with seeking or not.  For full credit you must use an example from the book to support your claim.

Finally, we know that many of you have incorrect copies of Frankenstein from the ALA library.  Please download or find a copy that is unabridged.  They are available for free online.  This is the version that we are using in class.  If you don’t have this version, you’re missing out on vital information and your chapters will be off.