Caught Ya #14: watch your food supply uncle leonato teased beatrice for benedick is known for his excellent stomach. in other words he is not frugal with his fork. hero giggled at her cousins implications but didnt say nothing

During the first part of class, those interested joined as we read the last chapter of The Hiding Place and filled out the remainder of the theme tracker.  We discussed the end of the book and the test questions we want this time.  Those will be posted soon and due in January after our break.

The second part of class we started watching an edited version of the HBO miniseries, John Adams.  We are watching an edited version of the first episode and the entirety of the second episode.  You can watch the rest on your own at home (it’s streaming on Amazon Prime), but we recommend talking to your parents first, as some of the content of the last episodes is a bit graphic.