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Today was your last Devotional.  We asked you to look back on what you’ve written over the last year and reflect on how you have grown/changed/evolved in your ideas.

Today in class we took The Light Between Oceans test.  You will need to schedule time to come take this test in class or after school. We also continued our discussion of culture in the 1950s and 1960s.  There is a test on this information that’s coming – be prepared!

All late work is due May 17th.



Bellwork: What have you accomplished this year that you are most proud of?

Caught Ya #48: when i descry the gentleman who you speak of i will tell him what you said offered benedick as they continued to closely dance and exchanged barbs

Today we finished reading The Light Between Oceans and began our discussions on music in the 1960s.  You will have a test on The Light Between Oceans in class on Wednesday and a test on music from the 1950s-60s soon.

All late/revised work needs to be turned in by May 17th.



Caught Ya #47: much to the young mans surprise and dismay beatrice thinking him a stranger talks about benedick. he is the princes jester she said a very witty fool. his only gift is devising impossible and odorous slanders. his quips are cleverer than him beatrice ranted

Today in class we took a quiz on chapters 31-32 of The Light Between Oceans and on the 1950s.  You will need to schedule time to take each of these quizzes.

We also read through page 319 of The Light Between Oceans (just past the beginning of chapter 35.)  We’ll finish reading the book in class on Monday.  You’ll have your test on this book next week.

All late work is due May 17th!


Bellwork: How would you fit in during the 1950s?  What about you would need to change or adapt to meet the standard of behavior that was expected?

C’Ya #46: soon the entire crowd were dancing. benedick whom recognized beatrice danced with her. beatrice however did not discern benedick who covertly hid behind his mask like d’artagnan.

Today we read through chapter 30 of The Light Between Oceans.  You need to read through chapter 32.  There will be a quiz on chapters 31-32 in class on Wednesday.

We continued our discussion on the politics of the 1950s.  You will have a quiz on this information on Wednesday.  Talk to Mr. Duffin about how to get the information you missed (and/or get notes from a friend).

Remember that all late work is due May 17th.


Today we read chapter 27 and the first part of chapter 28 in class.  You need to have read through chapter 29 of The Light Between Oceans for Monday.  We also began a documentary on the 1950s.  You will need notes from this documentary, as there will be a quiz (like the World War II quizzes) on this information.

All late work is due by May 17th.

If you haven’t finished your LBO quizzes on Edmodo – they are past due!



Caught Ya#45: an throng of townspeople dressed in a array of bright colors each wearing their mask danced around on the shiny wood floor like dream dancers swaying to imaginary music. it was a picturesque scene

Today we read through chapter 25 of The Light Between Oceans.  You will need to finish chapter 26 on your own at home.  There are two quizzes on this book available on Edmodo right now – the first quiz is now past due, the second quiz is due on Friday.

You also had time in class to work on your project for the 1950s and 1960s.  If you have questions on what you need to do for this project, please talk to Mr. Duffin.


Bellwork: How do you find a balance between the pressure to conform and the desire to be unique?  When should someone conform to the pressures of others and when should someone rebel against convention?

Caught Ya #44: the servants had outdone theirselves festoons of garlands hung from the ceiling and lace covered tables groaned under the weight of the food

Today. . . we read chapters 21-23 of The Light Between Oceans.  There has been a small shift in the reading schedule because of the SAGE test interruption.  We will read three chapters per class period until we finish the book.  Whatever is unfinished will be homework.  On May 10th we will have an in-class writing assignment response to The Light Between Oceans, which will include a few short responses (instead of the formal essay as originally announced.)  Please come see us if you have any questions or concerns.

We also began our study of music from the 1950s.  We will be comparing and contrasting music from the 1950s to music from the 1960s.  You will want to get notes on what songs we listened to so you can listen to them and look at the messages in the songs. 



Caught Ya #43: hero interrupted beatrices monologue to point out that people were arriving for the masquerade. everyone donned there mask and went to join the festivities

Today we read through chapters 19-20 of The Light Between Oceans.  You will need to finish this reading on your own at home.  In addition, we began our notes on the 1950s in America.


Bellwork: Those who lived in the 1940s have been called “The Greatest Generation”. Do you agree?  Why or why not?

Caught Ya #42: beatrice responded well i dont plan to marry and my nuptial day will never arrive and there are no man for i and me and my virtue will go to heaven as a maid

Turn in Bellwork and Caught Yas.

We took the final World War II quiz and graded it in class.  We also read chapters 17-18 of The Light Between Oceans.  You will need to catch up on your reading and schedule time to take the quiz.


Today we did our final test review for the end of World War II test.  We also read through chapter 16 of The Light Between Oceans.  Make sure that you are prepared for your test and are caught up with the class in the book.  Have a good weekend!