ALA Fusion


First Period: Today you had a reading day.  All books need to be checked off by May 19th.  Late work/revised work is due no later than May 17th.

Fifth Period: Today you read The Foreigner in class.  Same deadlines apply for you as above :).



Today in class we read The Foreigner!  Remember to get all your assignments taken care of . . . they’re all due May 17th!


Caught Ya #36: the police finally arrived and tybalt and mercutio were taken to the hospital and despite the violence of the fray no one had prevailed and romeo went to find juliet

Today in class you had time to work on getting your books read and projects worked on.  If you haven’t checked off your first two books, you have zeros in the gradebook.  You can pass off books any time through May 19th.  All other assignments and late work/revisions need to be turned in by May 17th.


Bellwork: What is the coolest practical joke you’ve ever played or had played on you?

Today in class we read The Foreigner.  You have your word paper, book report, and all other assignments due no later than May 17th!


Caught Ya #35: as the fray continued people started getting hurt and everyone had forgotten what had started the fight. oh juliet moaned romeo

Today you had time to read, work on your word paper/paper bag book report.  Remember that all late work is due by May 17th!


Bellwork: If you knew you’d be successful in pretending to be someone else, what time of person would you be?

Today we started reading The Foreigner.  You still have your paper bag book report and books to check off.  All late work is due by May 17th.


Today you had time in class to work on your independent reading, your book report, and/or your word paper.  Your book report will be due the week of May 8th.  You need to have all of your books checked off by May 19th.

All late work/revisions must be done by May 17th.  Good luck!


Caught Ya #34: things got out of hand and other pugnacious young men joined the brawl and mercutio romeos friend was one of them

Today you had time to work on reading and were introduced to the Paper Bag Book Report assignment.  You had time to work a bit on the planning of this project.  If you were absent, pick up a copy of the planning sheet from us so you know what is required of you to finish.

All late work is due by 4:00 PM (hard copy)/11:59 PM (digital assignments) on May 17th!


Bellwork: From all the reading you’ve done for this term, what is something new you’ve found out that you liked? Why?

Today you had time in class to finish typing your essay.  Today was the last day in class that you have to work on your essay, so if you didn’t turn it in, you will need to finish the assignment as homework.  Good luck!


Caught Ya #33: the fight waxed more and more ferocious and romeo insulted by juliets cousin stepped into the battle

By the end of today you should have a full typed draft of your word search paper.  Talk to Mr. Duffin if you need any help!