ALA Fusion


Today was your last Devotional.  We asked you to look back on what you’ve written over the last year and reflect on how you have grown/changed/evolved in your ideas.

Today we presented the Stargirl projects and began talking about color and shape in films.  You don’t need notes on color and shape, but you do need to turn in your Stargirl project no later than our late work deadline – May 17th!

We also spent some time reviewing for the Constitution test, which is on Friday.  Be prepared!




Today you began class with time to review all the amendments of the Constitution.  Then we signed up for amendments that you will make into a poster for the wall to remind people of what your amendment stands for in preparation for your test.  The remainder of class time was set aside for you to work on your Stargirl project, amendment poster, or any other assignment.  Both of these projects are due on Wednesday.

All late work is due May 17th.  Good luck!



Caught Ya #48: id rather die than go out with that arrogant toad cried perturbed juliet to her irate parents

Today we turned in bellwork and Caught Ya’s for the LAST TIME THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!

Today we finished reading Stargirl and continued our study of the amendments to the Constitution.  You will need to get notes on what you missed and read Stargirl on your own.

All late work is due no later than May 17th. Remember – you WILL NOT pass if you don’t turn in your Warriors Don’t Cry test!


Bellwork: The Bill of Rights outlines the rights that all citizens should have.  What rights do you believe all students should have?

Caught Ya #47: meanwhile juliets snobby pompous parents were trying to get her to go out with paris the rich spoiled son of the most prominent people of tragedy florida

Today we read through chapters 27-29 of Stargirl.  You will need to catch up on this reading on your own at home.  We also continued reviewing the amendments to the constitution.  You have a memorized test on this information soon!

Your Stargirl projects are due on May 10th (next week!).

Late work is due May 17th.


Today we read chapters 24-26 of Stargirl and continued discussing the Constitution (moving on to the Bill of Rights portion).  You will need to catch up on the reading you missed and get notes from a neighbor or from Mr. Duffin on the Constitution.

All late work is due May 17th.  The next draft of your Stargirl project is due on Monday, and the final project will be due the week of May 8th (we’ll sign up for presentation dates next week.)

Have a good weekend!



Caught Ya #46: aunt nurse visited romeo and told him what an odious toad he was to have hurt tybalt juliets cousin. she also arranged a meeting between the 2 lovers at juliets church

Today we read chapters 21-23 of Stargirl and you had some time to work on the second part of your Stargirl project.  This second draft will be checked off on Monday, May 1st.  You will also need to complete the reading on your own.  We continued our reading of the US Constitution – you will want to talk to a friend or Mr. Duffin to get the notes that you missed.


Bellwork: Stargirl believes in “enchanted places”.  Do you have an enchanted (or favorite) place?  What makes it special to you?

Caught Ya #45: juliet ceased her blubbering and called her aunt who agreed to help the star crossed lovers. aunt nurse plans to go see romeo at his grandmothers house

Today we read chapters 18-20 of Stargirl and worked on the Stargirl project.  We also talked about a recent string of inappropriate texting that’s been going on in the 8th grade classes.  The administration has noticed an upswing of sexting at the school, with much of it centered in the 8th grade.  We discussed the consequences of sexual harassment, and what to do if you or someone you know is involved in inappropriate or dangerous behavior.  If you have any further questions (or if your parents have questions), they are welcome to contact us or any administrator.



Caught Ya #44: miranda my friend your right sighed juliet. aunt nurse is like a tank she will fathom the problem and keep bulldozing on until it is solved

In class we read through chapter 17 of Stargirl and continued notes on the Constitution.  You will need to catch up on your reading and get the notes that you missed on the Constitution.  You can get these notes from a neighbor or from Mr. Duffin.

Your Warriors Don’t Cry test review is due on Monday of next week. You can submit that assignment on or as a hard copy.  Instructions for this assignment can be found on  You will have your first project check for Stargirl on Monday of next week.  This assignment must be submitted next week or you will not receive credit for it!


Bellwork: The first ten amendments to the American Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.  What rights would you consider essential to humans?

Caught Ya #43: juliet why dont you ask your battleship of an aunt to help you suggested miranda. shell discern what to do and shes always on you’re side

We read chapters 12-14 of Stargirl and continued our notes on The United States Constitution.  You will need to read those chapters and get notes that you missed from our discussion (especially as we talk about how a bill becomes a law.)


Today in class we started reading through The Constitution.  You will have a test on this reading, so be sure to pick up a copy of The Constitution and get the notes you missed.  We read chapter 11 from Stargirl as a group.