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Our class has the great opportunity to fund raise at the BYU home football games and at Stadium of Fire.  We use these funds to support class activities, create class scholarships, buy class materials, and provide money to individuals for class field trips, books or travel.

byuspeedmini3002036How it works

  1. Students, parents, and others friends of the class may sign up to work each home BYU football game.  Sign up in person in class or by directly contacting Mr. Duffin at
  2. Those working will arrive at the stadium about 3 hours before the start of the game.  You will enter at the NW gate (Gate 5) by giving the security staff your name. 
  3. You may meet the group in our counting room.  If you do not know where that is wait in the NW area until you see some chair workers.
  4. We will work moving and renting chairs until about 15 minutes into the start of the game.  You’ll be given more specific directions at the game.
  5. After being done renting and returning your money all workers are free to watch the game.  You have no assigned seat, but may sit where there are open seats.
  6. After the game we work for about 45 minutes to regather and stack all the chairs.  Then you are free to leave.

Working requirements

  1. All workers must be at least 13 years old.  (There may be exceptions for those younger who are accompanied by a responsible adult.)
  2. Students in the Fusion class may work.  Parents, family and friends of students may work.
  3. All workers must be responsible to follow instructions, arrive on time and carry out assignments.  Workers who do not carry out instructions will not be welcome to work future games.
  4. Adults are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We often have families come to help support the school and then enjoy the game as a family activity.

How does the money work?

Those working the games during the 4 hours of work will be earning money for the Fusion class.  All monies go directly into the Fusion class funds at ALA.  A portion of the money earned (likely $20 – $25 depending on the game) will be earmarked for the use of the student.  That student may use those funds for any Fusion class item including the Shakespeare trip, field trips, books, etc.  Any unused earmarked funds at the end of the year will be a donation to the class and used for class materials.  The rest of the money earned by the group will be used for class activities, scholarships, and class materials.

Family and friends who are not students of the Fusion class may earn money for those in the class.  For instance, if a student, her dad and an older sister came to work the game they would all get admission to the game and would earn $60 – $75 for the student to use in class.

We have a limited amount of people we can pay for each game.  It is not uncommon that additional people want to come help just to provide extra help and to get into the game for free.  We welcome this as long as workers come to work and understand they will not receive earmark money to use for class items.  If only volunteer spots are available you will be told as you sign up.

BYU Home Football Schedule

September 17, 8:15 p.m. (arrive 5:00 p.m.) vs. UCLA

September 30, 8:15 p.m. (arrive 5:15 p.m.) vs. Toledo

October 14, 8:15 p.m. (arrive 5:15 p.m.) vs. Mississippi State

November 12, 1:00 p.m. (arrive 10:00 a.m.) vs. Southern Utah

November 19, TBD (arrive TBD) vs. University of Massachusetts

November 26, TBD (arrive TBD) vs. Utah State
(Workers work about 2 hours after the last game for clean up and receive extra earmarked funds.)

For more information

Contact Mr. Duffin directly in person, at, or via Remind texting.


Small eagle from website_alphaWe are currently in the process of moving our class over to American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork, Utah.  We’re excited for the possibilities.  Our website is in the process of moving over to reflect our new start at a new school. 

We will miss all our great students and friends at Merit Academy.  We had the best students.  We wish you all the best and please keep in touch.

Thank you all who helped out with all the fundraisers this month!  We’re on track to raise over $5,000 this month.  We were able to fund our annual $1,000 scholarship fund goal, get some new technical equipment for our classroom and earn a good amount of money towards our summer Shakespeare trip.  Some students have already paid off their trip with fundraising.  This is great!  We love seeing people make things happen.


We had a super productive install fundraiser day with our students. They were amazing and got it done in record time. Plus we earned almost all our scholarship money on one shot. Check out the pictures.

Click here to see pictures.

 Great fundraiser this year!

We had a a lot of parents and students come participate. We were able to earn great money for our classroom and for upcoming field trips.

In addition we got to enjoy Journey, Olivia Holt, Montel Willams, and a great firework show. Thanks to all who helped.

2015 Humanities Class Video

2015 Humanities Gala Video





We went to visit the Visions of Vishnu exhibit at BYU’s Museum of Art. It was a nice view into the beliefs of a culture less-familiar to many of us. It was also good preparation for our study of the Bhagavad Gita and our visit to the Krishna Lotus Temple next month.

Hare Krishna temple

by. Emily H.

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