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#30: at the same time juliets ingenuous cousin tybalt was arriving at the mall. the 2 cars crashed a fight ensued

Today in class we read chapters four-five of Peter Pan and talked about the positive and negative traits of his personality. We also talked about some of the things that Captain Hook and Mr. Darling share and things that they don’t share with personality traits.

The second part of class we set aside time for you to have your second to last work day on your Canvas assignments. All assignments need to be turned in by the 2nd of March!



#29: one day romeo arrived in the malls parking lot with his cousin the quick tempered benvolio. he planned to amble threw the mall with juliet

Today in class we introduced the final project for Peter Pan. You can find the project sheet on Canvas, which will explain the steps you’ll take to complete the assignment. You can come talk to us for help as well. We will continue discussing this project in the coming weeks. We also finished reading chapter three. Afterward, you had time to work on your Trip Around Utah project. The final steps have been posted and are due next week!


C’Ya #28: romeo and juliet periodically met whenever possible at the verona mall pretending that they were meeting there friends their

Today we introduced the “Design Your Own Neverland” assignment and read chapters 2-3 in class. (We didn’t quite finish chapter 3, we’ll finish on Tuesday.) You can pick up a copy of the Design Your Own Neverland assignment in class.

The second part of class you had time to finish the Neverland assignment and/or to continue work on your Trip Around Utah project. You should be finished with all the assignments available for that project on Canvas to be considered on track.


#27: romeos parents didn’t approve of juliet because they thought the capulets were pompous and juliets parents thought that romeos family was a bunch of weirdos. wow what a mess

Today in class we started off by introducing some of the main themes and context for Peter Pan. We talked particularly about symbolism and how to look for something symbolically instead of literally. We also talked about how the focus of this story is Wendy (not Peter), and talked about what it means to grow up/how you know when you’re a “grown up”. Then we read the first chapter of the book as a class.

During the second part of class you had some time to work on your assignments for the Trip Around Utah project (all on Canvas), and we finished with a few minutes of reading from Harry Potter.


#26: that night romeo materialized under juliets window and she creeps down and they talk in the back yard for hours

Today in class we started by grading the Virgin’s Promise test. Next week we start reading Peter Pan, so make sure you have your book with you :).

During the second part of class you had time to work on the Utah Trip project. Mr. Duffin is finally back from all his travels, so he is a bit behind on grading but will be caught up soon. Thanks for your patience!

All late work is due by March 2nd.


C’Ya #25: 

dearest romeo

my parents are adverse to our relationship and what can we do and who can we get to help us

all my love juliet


Today in class we had our class reward party for being good for the sub! Thank you for being good!


#24: well i dont see anything in her benedick continued honestly but that cousin of hers would be comely if she was not a spiting civet

For the first part of class today we corrected the Revolutionary War notes test as a class. If you have not taken this class, you need to schedule a time with us to take the test.

The second part of class was reward party time for good behavior with the sub! Thank you for being so kind and helpful!


#23: juliet sent a return note to romeo via her best friend the sweet tractable miranda

Today in class we took our test on the Virgin’s Promise/color and shape theory. You will need to schedule a time to take this test with us. Come see us as soon as you are able to make it up!


Caught Ya #22: juliet you stay away from that rapscallion mrs capulet said hes from a wierd family

Today in class we finished our notes on the Virgin’s Promise and reviewed to prepare for the test next week.  We will take our test in class.  It will work like the Wreck It Ralph test, where you can take the test without notes for bonus points if you would like.

We ended class with time to work on the Tour of Utah project. Remember that in order to be considered on task, you need to complete two assignments per day.


Caught Ya #21: whose that note from asked mrs capulet juliets mother. its from that beauteous romeo replied juliet dreamily

Welcome back from the break!

During the first part of class today we continued reviewing the Virgin’s Promise.  We’ve now gone over steps 1-9 (out of 13).  You will need to get these notes from a friend or from us to prepare for your test, which will probably be next week.

During the second part of class today, you had time to work on your Utah tour assignment.  Remember you need to finish roughly two assignments per class period to finish on time.