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Bellwork: Write a love letter (or break-up letter) to your favorite/least favorite Thanksgiving food.

Today in class we started by reading a bit more of Harry Potter before diving into some work time on the Christmas Carol exhibit.  We were originally planning on doing this exhibition during the Spirit of Christmas, but we won’t have time to do it by then, so it will be either the next week or two weeks after the concert (stay tuned for more details).

We also spent some time reviewing the Hero’s Journey and character archetypes by looking over a few Pixar shorts.  We have a test on the Hero’s Journey and Character archetypes when we get back from the break.  Make sure you’re prepared!




Caught Ya #12: the 6 girls trekked to the center of the mall. their might even be dancing said perky helena. there may be some cute boys added cressida

The next Caught Ya quiz (for Caught Ya’s #7-12) is available on Canvas.  It is officially due next week on Thursday (Thanksgiving).  We recommend doing the assignment before that date :).

Today in class we finished our discussion on character archetypes with the final five archetypes you need to know for our class. You will need these notes.  We also finished reading A Christmas Carol and divided you into groups for the book project.  Check with us about which group you are assigned to.


Caught Ya #11: wow lets go here them cried exuberant and broke juliet come on girls. awesome said cressida

Today in class we reviewed a few more archetypes from the Hero’s Journey and continued our reading of Harry Potter in class.  Make sure you get notes on what you missed!

The end of class was set aside to finish your word paper, which is due today.  Word papers must receive at least a B for the writer to be eligible to move on to our next activity.  Good luck!


Caught Ya #10: suddenly over the loudspeaker a voice announced that the band the noisome trio would be playing n the center of the verona mall at 4 o’clock

Today in class we read more of Harry Potter and continued to discuss the Hero’s Journey in that story.  We also introduced two more character archetypes, the Rogue (or Anti) Hero and the Tragic (or Fallen) Hero.  You’ll want to get these notes.

During the second part of class we worked on our word paper and workshopping it so that it will be perfect for Thursday.  You need to have the paper turned in on Canvas for Thursday.  Good luck!


Caught Ya #9: after purchasing a red skirt a striped blouse and a pair of pink shorts juliet’s monthly clothing allowance had all been dispersed

Today we finished our notes on the Hero’s Journey and finished watching Star Wars.  You will have a quiz on these notes posted on Canvas soon – keep your eye out!  If you were gone, you can come get these notes from us or from a trusty friend.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Happy Halloween!

Bellwork: Write a love letter to your favorite Halloween candy. 

Today in class we read more of Harry Potter and continued watching Star Wars.  Both of these are test/quiz-able, so you’ll want to make sure you know what happens in each story.

We also continued working on our word papers.  These will be workshopped and revised on Tuesday of next week in class.  Your final draft is due on Thursday of next week.

Don’t forget to catch up on any assignments you’ve missed on Canvas!


Caught Ya #8: my parents are such misers miranda whispered juliet i wish i had cressidas money

Today in class we focussed on writing the perfect first sentence to our word paper.  The first sentence needs to be interesting.  We also talked about what each paragraph of the paper needs to include and gave you time to start writing.  Next class period, we will workshop examples so you can have a better idea of what we expect from your final draft.

We also continued watching Star Wars so we can identify more steps from the Hero’s Journey.  Watch for a quiz on this information!


Caught Ya #7: yes lets said cressida i have a plethora of money to spend on clothes this month. ill bet you do groaned helena

Today in class you had some time to work on crafting the perfect first sentence to your word paper.  You need to be able to grab us with something interesting right from the start!

We also continued our discussion on the Hero’s Journey, continuing with steps 6-8.  You will need to pick up notes on these steps from us or from a neighbor.

Keep your eye on Canvas for updates on assignments and make sure you do your weekly report.


Bellwork: Who are some of your heroes?  What have they done that makes them a hero to you? (Consider real and fictional heroes.)

Bellwork was turned in today.

Today in class we continued our unit on the Hero’s Journey by reading the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as well as adding to our chart on the Hero’s Journey with step number three.  We also started watching Star Wars to identify the steps of the hero’s journey in its story.  There is a quiz on this information that will be posted on Canvas.  If you were absent, you will need to make sure you have the notes from us or from a friend to take this quiz.

We also continued work on our word projects by looking up how your chosen word is used in pop culture now.  Talk to a friend or Mr. Duffin for information on how to go about finding this information and how it will be useful for your paper.


Caught Ya #6: helena ophelia miranda cordelia and cressida lets all go shopping cried exultant juliet

A Caught Ya quiz will be posted soon on Canvas.  Keep your eye out!

Today in class we continued work on our word projects and The Giver projects.

Your Giver projects need to be turned in by Thursday of next week.  You can submit them on Canvas or turn them in in person, either way.

We also started our discussion on the Hero’s Journey.  You will need these notes for several upcoming quizzes and tests.  Get these notes from a friend or from us.