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Bellwork: Is it ever okay (or even good) to tell a lie? If so, when? If not, why not?

Today in class we played a game that taught us a little about Jonas’ new job and the rule he’s been given where he can tell lies.  Then we read through chapter 11 of The Giver and talked about the different ways a government controls a community.  We established that the three biggest ways a government will control a community is by controlling the food, the knowledge, and the children of a community.

We also continued reading The Foreigner.



Today in class we got a tour of how to use the library from Mrs. Benson.  She showed us how to access the library’s catalogue online as well as how to find books in the library.  We also read through most of chapter 7 of The Giver in class – we’ll do some catch up next class period.


Today in class we read more of The Foreigner and introduced Bellwork.  Bellwork is an in-class writing activity that will sometimes happen at the beginning of class but will also happen other times during class as well.  The goal of bellwork is to practice writing.  Some writing that you do is meant to show off what you already know.  Bellwork is not this kind of writing – it’s meant to be writing to learn, where you learn new things through the process of writing through your thoughts.  You are not graded on spelling or grammar but on if you participate.  You do have to make up bellwork if you are absent.  We will turn them in when we get to three.


Our first bellwork question is: “Where do dreams come from”?  Please write for three minutes on this topic.  Don’t stop your pencil, write whatever comes into your head, even if it feels like nonsense.

The heading of your paper should be in the top right corner.  Please put your first and last name, then skip down and put the date, then skip down and put the class period you are in.


We will continue with more of The Giver on Thursday.  Happy Homecoming week!


Today we read chapters 3-4 of The Giver and talked about the choices they do and don’t have in Jonas’ community, as well as what they gain by giving up the choices they do.  We talked about whether or not we would be willing to give up our choices to have that kind of life or not.

We also continued our reading of The Foreigner in class.

Make sure you do your Weekly Report and have an awesome weekend!


What We Did In Class: 

Today we finished working on the Utopia assignment and started reading The Giver.  We read through two chapters of The Giver and completed the “Rules” assignment.  You will need to pick up a copy of this assignment from us.  We also continued reading The Foreigner.

What You Need to Do: 

In addition to reading the chapters you missed, make sure you turn in your Utopia assignment and pick up a copy of the Rules assignment.

While You Were Gone: First Two Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school are culture weeks for us.  As a result, there isn’t much that we do that you can make up for at home.  We hope that on your return you will add to the culture and spirit of our class!

The few assignments we have to this point:

  • Pick up a copy of the disclosure document, read it, and return the last page to the tray in the back of the classroom.
  • Complete the student information form on our website (go to “Students”, then “Student Information Form”)
  • Complete your sorting assignment if you weren’t sorted last year (go to “Students”, then “Sorting  Instructions”.)
  • You need a copy of the book your class is reading.  Each book is available in the school library.  You need a copy with you by Monday, September 28th (A Day Classes)/Tuesday, September 29th (B Day Classes):
    • 7th Grade: The Giver
    • 8th Grade: Animal Farm
    • All High School: Frankenstein