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Caught Ya #26: don pedro entered the discussion and upbraided benedick for his stand. before i die benedick i predict that i shall see you a victim of cupids arrow. don pedro than offered to woo hero for the timid claudio that was to shy to do so hisself

For the first part of class today we drafted out a possible outline for your WDC/Revolutionary War paper, which is due next week! All the information for this assignment is on Canvas. The second part of class today we continued reviewing the amendments to the Constitution. You need to know what each amendment did, so make sure you get those notes from us.




#28: little does the arrogant dogmatic benedick know what is in store for him will his wit rise to the occasion like d’artagnans did in the three musketeers

Today we started out by giving a brief preview to what will be coming next quarter in our Independent Reading project. We will go over this in more particulars in coming weeks, but start thinking more about what books you want to read. We also started planning out your test for Warriors Don’t Cry. On Monday we will have time set aside to brainstorm as a group. Wednesday you will have time to write it.

During the second part of class we went over the end of the articles of the Constitution and began the first five amendments. You will need this information!


#27: like you my friend i swore id never marry. if it was hero that would be my wife though i would succumb to cupid’s arrow’s acceded claudio. never in a million year’s vociferated benedick. not me. i shall die a bachelor

During the first part of class today, we read chapters 17-18 of Warriors Don’t Cry and added to our theme tracker. Please read the epilogue on your own at home. Next week we will prepare for the final test on the book and plan out a possible outline for the essay. The final essay is due by March 7th (though there are bonus possibilities for turning it in early!)  No tests will be accepted after March 21st.

The second part of class we continued going over the beginning of the Constitution, specifically reviewing the roles of the President, of Congress, and of the Supreme Court. You will have some pieces of this information that must be memorized, so it would be valuable for you to get these notes from us or from a neighbor.

All late work is due March 2nd.


#26: and claudio taunted benedick for his views on love and marriage. and benedick warned claudio that if he wasnt careful he would soon be a husband. benedick then went on and on about how he would never never fall in love or marry. perdition would freeze over before that would happen.

During the first part of class today we talked through the chapters 10-13 discussion board (which is due on Wednesday) and took some time to comb through our book for quotes that will be useful on the upcoming test. We will finish the book as a group on Wednesday and get ready for the test next week.

During the second part of class, we continued studying the Constitution. You will need these notes for an upcoming test. Lots of this test is memorized, so make sure you’re ready to go!


#25: are you casting asparagus on my feelings do you think my love is not complete like a half-formed wish babbled a frustrated claudio. no i am not casting aspersions on your feelings. i no that a half warmed fish is less complete then them benedick blithely corrected his freind 


Today in class we took some time to review which assignments are coming up, which are past due, and what you need to do to make sure your grade looks good. There aren’t many assignments this quarter, so every assignment counts! The late work deadline is March 2nd.

We also continued reviewing The Constitution of the United States of America. You will need to get these notes. In particular, pay attention to how bills either become law or die, what impeachment is, and the requirements to be a senator.


#23: as leonato led his guests to their rooms claudio and benedick discoursed. hero is the sweetest lady i ever seen shy claudio sighed. everyone to their own taste retorted benedick sarcastically

Today during the first part of class we handed out copies of the Constitution of the United States and started reading it. We will be spending a lot of time with this document over the coming weeks, so you will need to get this copy and the notes we took in class. They will be vital for you!

During the second part of class we took some time to review chapters 7-8 of Warriors Don’t Cry and read chapters 9-10 as a group. Make sure you’re keeping up on your theme tracker. It will make your final exam for this unit a breeze 🙂


#22: while this repartee was going on claudio became enraptured by the silent hero. the mere site of her affected his heart. her long black hair hung to her tiny waste and her shy smile affected a quickening of his breathing

The first part of class today was set aside for review of the events that led to the Revolutionary War, the war itself, and how it ended.  You will have a test on this information next week, so make sure you’re prepared! You will be able to use your own notes, but not your neighbor’s notes on this test.

We continued our test preparations by going over useful quotes for our theme tracker from both WDC and The Crisis.


Caught Ya #21: don pedro interjected their is the sparring match. end round one. my dear leonato we will be staying hear at least a month. these 2 will have a plethora of time to farther spar

For the first part of class today, we had quiet work time.  Students had time to work on reading (chapters 5-6 are due for Monday), work on the quiz for chapters 1-4, finish the Hiding Place test, or work on other assignments.

During the second part of class, we continued our notes and discussion on the Revolutionary War. You will want to pick up a copy of these notes either from a friend or from Mr. Duffin.


Caught Ya #20: you love no one you pernicious unsuitable suitor. i wish my horse was fast like your tongue. keep quite now for noone is listening to you beatrice concluded

Today in class we started by reading chapters 3-4 of Warriors Don’t Cry.  We added to our theme tracker and talked a little about the first attempt of the Little Rock Nine to enter Central High School.  You have a discussion board on the first four chapters of the book up on Canvas.

During the second part of class we continued reading The Crisis by Thomas Paine. You will want to get these notes so you can add them to your theme tracker as well.

Be sure to check Canvas for assignments!


#19: what. are you observant sir benedick retorted beatrice. ah my lady disdain you speak said benedick. you call me lady disdain and yet you disdain all the ladies the ladies love me all accept you my loving beatrice

During the first part of class today we finished reviewing our Civil Rights vocabulary and read chapter one of Warriors Don’t Cry.  You don’t need to do any reading on your own, unless you would like to read chapter two.  We will read chapter three on Wednesday.

During the second part of class we started reading The Crisis by Thomas Paine.  You will need this document to be successful on the Warriors Don’t Cry/Revolutionary War test, so make sure you get the notes of what you missed!