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Today in class we graded the two English history tests you took last week.  If you haven’t taken these tests yet, you will need to talk to us about a time to make up those exams.

We also gave you time to read chapter seven in small groups for Monday.  There will be a quiz on chapter seven, so be prepared!



Bellwork: What rules do you think are universal no matter where you are?

Today we turned in our bellwork!

In class today we took a quiz over chapters 4-5 of Animal Farm and read through chapters six.  While we read, we identified some examples of propaganda used by the pigs in Animal Farm to put on our Propaganda Tracker.  You should have at least 1/3 of the worksheet filled out now.  It will be checked for a grade on October 4th.

We also started reading John Locke’s 2nd Treatise on Government in class.  These notes are critical for your success in our class, so you’ll need to get those from us or from a neighbor.  Don’t just get the notes – make sure you understand what the reading says.


Bellwork: If all the 8th graders in our class were dropped on a deserted island, what would happen?  What would you do? Who would be the leader (or leaders?) How would conflicts be resolved?

Today in class we took the English Monarchs test.  You will need to schedule time with us to come in and take that test sometimes after school or during lunch.

You also had time to begin reading chapters 4-5 of Animal Farm.  Both of these chapters need to be finished for Monday. There will be a quiz on this information!  We also passed out a packet that is due next Wednesday – this packet is where you will identify the different propaganda techniques that are used in Animal Farm.  You can pick up this packet from us.  We’ll work on it some more next week.


Today in class we read chapter 3 and had an open note “quiz”.  Here are the instructions:

  1. Using the information from chapters 1-3 of Animal Farm for help, respond to the statement “Talented, intelligent people are the most qualified leaders.”  You must write at least 5-7 sentences and you must include detail from the book for proof. You may write more than this, but 5-7 sentences is the minimum requirement.

You will need to turn in this quiz and complete the reading on your own.

We also continued our notes on British monarchs through James II.  You’ll need these notes, so talk to a friend or to us to get this information.

Don’t forget your weekly report!


Today in class we read chapter 2 of Animal Farm and introduced Bellwork.  We also continued notes on the history of English monarchs and the power struggle between the people and the government.  You will need to get these notes from a friend or from us. You’ll be able to use these notes on upcoming tests and quizzes.  Make sure you can tell the story of how each king (or queen) ruled and how each king (or queen) led us to more power for the people.

Bellwork is an in-class writing activity that will sometimes happen at the beginning of class but will also happen other times during class as well.  The goal of bellwork is to practice writing.  Some writing that you do is meant to show off what you already know.  Bellwork is not this kind of writing – it’s meant to be writing to learn, where you learn new things through the process of writing through your thoughts.  You are not graded on spelling or grammar but on if you participate.  You do have to make up bellwork if you are absent.  We will turn them in when we get to three.

Our first bellwork question is: “How do you know when you can trust someone?”  Please write for three minutes on this topic.  Don’t stop your pencil, write whatever comes into your head, even if it feels like nonsense.

The heading of your paper should be in the top right corner.  Please put your first and last name, then skip down and put the date, then skip down and put the class period you are in.



Today we read chapter one of Animal Farm and started making a list of the different characters and who they represent in real life (since Animal Farm works as a fairy tale/allegory).  We also talked about some of the major themes of the book and tips on taking notes in your book so that you can prepare well for the test.  Talk to Miss Newman for help on that.

For history, we continued our notes on how power was taken away from the King and the Pope so that America could even be possible.  Specifically, we took notes on the Magna Carta and Henry VIII.  You will want to get these notes from a friend or talk to your teachers for information.

Don’t forget to do your weekly report!


Today we went over some of the essential questions for Animal Farm and started to introduce the history of the Divine Right of Kings.  You will need notes from both of these activities – ask a friend for the list of essential questions/statements we went over in class (they’re all fair game for the tests/quizzes) and get the notes we took on the Divine Right of Kings.

Other Assignments:

  • Weekly Report
  • Have you finished the Student info form or the sorting assignment? Disclosure document?

While You Were Gone: First Two Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school are culture weeks for us.  As a result, there isn’t much that we do that you can make up for at home.  We hope that on your return you will add to the culture and spirit of our class!

The few assignments we have to this point:

  • Pick up a copy of the disclosure document, read it, and return the last page to the tray in the back of the classroom.
  • Complete the student information form on our website (go to “Students”, then “Student Information Form”)
  • Complete your sorting assignment if you weren’t sorted last year (go to “Students”, then “Sorting  Instructions”.)
  • You need a copy of the book your class is reading.  Each book is available in the school library.  You need a copy with you by Monday, September 28th (A Day Classes)/Tuesday, September 29th (B Day Classes):
    • 7th Grade: The Giver
    • 8th Grade: Animal Farm
    • All High School: Frankenstein