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Bellwork: Write a love letter (or break-up letter) to your favorite/least favorite Thanksgiving food.

Today in class we offered optional participation in the following activities:

  1. During the first part of class, Mr. Duffin discussed some primary source documents about the early colonies.  You will want these notes, or to do the reading on your own.
  2. During the second part of class, Miss Newman read chapter ten of The Hiding Place with all interested students.  You will need the be prepared for quizzes and discussion boards on this information.




Bellwork: What great thing are you going to do today?

Today during class we read chapter nine of The Hiding Place and had some time to work on the project for The Hiding Place.  If you have not yet been given an assignment for this project, you need to make sure you are caught up on your work so that you can participate with us.


Bellwork: What makes a human humane? What encourages humans to behave inhumanely? Is it ever alright to hurt another human? If so, when?

Turn in bellwork, please 🙂

Today in class we read chapter eight of The Hiding Place and added to our theme tracker. We also read about the experiences of Massachusetts citizens and the founding of the colony.  You will need these notes!  Talk to a friend or to us on how to get this information.

Be sure to check Canvas for assignments.


Caught Ya #10: the messenger that had brought the letter replied without rancor oh sir benedick returns with don pedro and he is as pleasant as ever with his barbs and quips

During the first part of class today we read through chapter seven of The Hiding Place.  The second part of class was set aside for everyone to get caught up on late work and to work on revising essays.  If you are unsure of what you need to do, please check Canvas and/or come talk to us.


Bellwork: Corrie’s father describes the Jews as “the apple of God’s eye”. Given that he is a Christian, what does this suggest about his character? Which quote on your theme tracker would you put this moment under and why?

Today in class we read through chapter six as a class and identified some quotes that we would add to our theme tracker.  Then we divided the class based on who is and who is not finished with the test/based on scores given on the test.  Those with 43/50 or above were able to get working on the Hiding Place exhibit we are doing as a class.  Those who have not submitted their tests or who have but need to improve their scores were given time to work on improving scores.


Caught Ya #9: who are you asking for neice queried leonato amiably. my cousin means signior benedick of padua hero said with a wink a smile and patted beatrice

Today in class we talked about the Hero’s Journey and how it relates to real-life circumstances.  Then we started to read chapter five of The Hiding Place.  You will need to finish this chapter on your own at home by Monday.

We also started some readings on the colonization of Massachusetts, including the Mayflower Compact and other important letters/documents.  You will need to pick up a copy of this reading and complete it on your own.  If you need help, you can come talk to us or talk to a neighbor who was in class.


Bellwork: What influences our moral development? What experiences have you had that lead you to determine what is right or what is wrong?

Today in class we read chapter four of The Hiding Place and talked about how we are going to put together our exhibit on this book.  You will need to read this chapter on your own.  Check Canvas for assignments!

We also watched America, the Story of Us about the establishment of Virginia and Massachusetts.  You’ll want to get these notes from a friend and/or watch the video on YouTube.

Make sure you do your weekly report and check Canvas for assignments!


Caught Ya #8: in the spacious and well-appointed living room of his estate leonato reads the letter to his doting daughter and niece. is signior mountanto returning with him asked beatrice whom was trying to appear nonchalant as she set on a green high backed couch

In class today we reviewed some examples of figurative language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole and personification) and different types of connections that good readers make while they read (including connections with themselves, with the world, and with other pieces of literature/film/music/art.)  Watch for these skills to be quizzed on Canvas soon!

We also introduced how Massachusetts colony was founded.  You will want to get notes on what we discussed from a neighbor or from us.

Be sure to check Canvas for your assignments and don’t forget to do your Weekly Report!


Bellwork: Is there anything you know of that is worth risking your life for? If so, what and why?  If not, why not?

Today we went through The Hiding Place theme tracker to make sure we’re all on the same page in understanding what each of the statements/quotes suggest.  You then had time in groups to read chapter two and to find quotes that reflect the reading you did in class.  There will be discussion board quizzes on this information as we read the book.

You also had time to go through in groups and read two documents, one about the Virginians looking for women to come to the colony, and another looking for children to come.  You will need to obtain a copy of these documents from Mr. Duffin and read through them.  Be prepared to discuss/debate the benefits and drawbacks of this solution to the “family” problem in the Virginia colony.


Caught Ya #7: september 15 1603 my dear leonato me and 2 of my companions are returning home after quenching the rebellion of don john my varlet of a half brother. we will soon arrive in messina and we look forward to seeing you and your fetching ladies again. yours truly don pedro

Today in class we introduced the premise for The Hiding Place project (a museum exhibit that you will design, build, and showcase to the community).  We also began reading chapter one.  You need to finish chapter one for Monday.

We also continued telling the story of how Virginia was established as a colony.  You will want to get these notes from a neighbor or from us so you aren’t behind.  There is a quiz on this information coming on Canvas soon!

Don’t forget to do your weekly report and C’Ya quiz on Canvas.