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Bellwork: How do you think the story of Frankenstein would be different if Victor had not run away from his creation when they first saw each other?

In class today we divided into groups and you were asked to find quotes that could be used for each of the different themes for Frankenstein.  This is amazing test preparation help.  You’ll want to get these notes from a friend.

We also looked over the long strip of the book of the dead that we have in class and reviewed many of the symbols we’ve discussed as a class.  There will be an open-note quiz on this information – you’ll want to talk with us about getting those notes or talk to a friend.  You will be expected to be able to look at different pieces of the Book of the Dead and describe what is happening in each section based on the pictures that are there (including which gods are present, and what is happening for the initiate to the afterlife.

For Monday, you need to read through chapter 19 of Frankenstein, finish the 11-16 quiz, and complete your weekly report.



Bellwork: Is what you get or what you become more important? Why?

Today in class we finished reading through and annotating The Book of the Dead. You’ll want to get these notes from us or from a neighbor.  Make sure that you don’t just know what the text means, but can also discuss the ideas and how those ideas reflect in a modern setting.

We also passed out the Frankenstein quote tracker and the quiz for chapters 11-16.  The quiz is due on Monday of next week, the quote tracker will be checked off before the test as a sign that you are preparing and paying attention during class time.

Please read through chapter 15 for class on Thursday.

Have you done your weekly report?


Bellwork: Write about the differences between men and monsters.

Bellwork was turned in today!

We also had a quiz on the reading you did from Monday and turned in the chapters 5-6 quiz that was passed out last week.  Then we gave you time to read the next several chapters in small groups. Be prepared for a quiz next week! You should have read through chapter 12 for next time.

We finished reading and taking notes on the Book of the Dead as well.

Keep in mind that a test on how Frankenstein and the Book of the Dead connect is coming.  Make sure you are taking good notes as you read and are making connections to the primary themes we discussed at the beginning of the unit.


This post is accurate for both A and B day high school sections. 

Today in class we finished our readings of The Book of the Dead.  You should have detailed notes on what we discussed by this point, and be able to explain the symbolism associated with each part of the reading.

We also continued reading Frankenstein.  You will need to read chapters 8-9 on your own at home and complete the chapters 5-6 quiz for Thursday.  You can pick up a copy of the quiz from us.

We are nearing mid-term – most of our grade at this point has been completion, so the major tests of your class-time preparation are still coming.  Are you doing the work now to make your life easier in the future?


Bellwork: If you could raise someone from the dead, who would you choose (and why)?

Today in class we continued our notes on The Book of the Dead.  You will want to get these notes from a friend or from Mr. Duffin so that you are prepared for the test that’s coming.

We read through chapter four of Frankenstein in class.  You will need to read chapters 5-6 on your own at home.  Read chapter five for detail – read it carefully.  Chapter six you can skim so you know what happens, but don’t need to worry so much about obsessive detail.

Don’t forget your weekly report!


Today in class we read chapters 1-3 of Frankenstein and introduced Bellwork.  We also continued notes on The Book of the Dead. You will want to get notes on what you missed from The Book of the Dead discussion.

Bellwork is an in-class writing activity that will sometimes happen at the beginning of class but will also happen other times during class as well.  The goal of bellwork is to practice writing.  Some writing that you do is meant to show off what you already know.  Bellwork is not this kind of writing – it’s meant to be writing to learn, where you learn new things through the process of writing through your thoughts.  You are not graded on spelling or grammar but on if you participate.  You do have to make up bellwork if you are absent.  We will turn them in when we get to three.

Our first bellwork question is: “Does Mary Shelley think that fame and glory are worth seeking? How do you know?”  Please write for three minutes on this topic.  Don’t stop your pencil, write whatever comes into your head, even if it feels like nonsense.

The heading of your paper should be in the top right corner.  Please put your first and last name, then skip down and put the date, then skip down and put the class period you are in.

Finally, we know that many of you have incorrect copies of Frankenstein from the ALA library.  Please download or find a copy that is unabridged.  They are available for free online.  This is the version that we are using in class.  If you don’t have this version, you’re missing out on vital information and your chapters will be off.


Today we read through the letters of Frankenstein and talked about the evidence of Walton’s bias toward the man (Dr. Frankenstein) that they pull aboard the ship.  We also continued notes on The Book of the Dead.  You will need to talk to Mr. Duffin or a friend from class for information on what you missed on these notes.  Don’t forget to do your Weekly Report!


Today we went over some of the essential questions for Frankenstein and introduced the concept of symbolism (as we will use it in class).  Although you don’t have any essential homework for what you missed today, we strongly recommend getting the list of essential questions/statements from Frankenstein as they are all fair game for quizzes and the test.

Other Assignments:

  • Weekly Report
  • Have you finished the Student info form or the sorting assignment? Disclosure document?

While You Were Gone: First Two Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school are culture weeks for us.  As a result, there isn’t much that we do that you can make up for at home.  We hope that on your return you will add to the culture and spirit of our class!

The few assignments we have to this point:

  • Pick up a copy of the disclosure document, read it, and return the last page to the tray in the back of the classroom.
  • Complete the student information form on our website (go to “Students”, then “Student Information Form”)
  • Complete your sorting assignment if you weren’t sorted last year (go to “Students”, then “Sorting  Instructions”.)
  • You need a copy of the book your class is reading.  Each book is available in the school library.  You need a copy with you by Monday, September 28th (A Day Classes)/Tuesday, September 29th (B Day Classes):
    • 7th Grade: The Giver
    • 8th Grade: Animal Farm
    • All High School: Frankenstein