ALA Fusion


#29: let me play the heroine thisbe said bottom a man whose name fit his personality in a lovely falsetto voice. i can also play the part of the lion he growled trying to show his versatility and prowess as an actor for he wanted more parts bad

Same class format as we’ve had for the last several weeks. This is the second to last class period before the end of the quarter. Get your work done!



#28: the planning of this amateurish play was hampered by the weaver nick bottom. he was the clumsy offensively bumptious man not known for lofty thoughts that tried to take over the meeting. while bottom was cast as the hero in this “most lamentable comedy” he also said that he could play the part of the heroine

Today in class we reviewed discussion board #7 and gave time for independent reading. This unit is winding down, so make sure you have finished all previous discussion boards. We will accept books being passed off through March 8th, but all written assignments need to be completed by March 2nd.

You also had time to work on your Trip Around the World project. All steps for this project must be completed by March 2nd, the late work deadline for the third quarter.


#26: while theseus and hippolyta anticipated their wedding celebration hermia and lysander planned there clandestine elopement and helena plotted to win demetrius love a meeting took place in town at the house of peter quince the carpenter

During the first part of class today we had time set aside to read and check off books. Remember to complete your reading discussion boards each week. By the end of this week, you should have finished #6.

The second part of class was set aside for work on the Trip Around the World project. Remember that you should complete two assignments per class period (on average) to be considered on task/on track to finish.

The late work deadline is March 2nd!


#25: they tried to comfort helena informing her of there plans to elope. perhaps when we is wed demetrius will turn his affection once again to you. if this does not work maybe between the three of us we can come up with a plan to transform him into a paragon of a suitor hermia said. helena then decided to inform demetrius of the impending elopement so that she could go with him in pursuit of the 2 lovers

During the first part of class today you had time to read and work on the history project. The second part of class was set aside for filling out paperwork to take the ACT. If you didn’t get that done today, you’ll be pulled by the counselors to do it later.

2/6 and 2/7/18

Caught Ya #24: now hermia is helenas best freind. helena surprisingly bore no enmity for her friend which was supposed to marry the man she herself loved. in fact she beseeched hermia and lysander to tell her how to win demetrius love


Today we started out with reading time and progressed into work time on history (as usual :).) You should have your third book checked off by the end of the week. The late work deadline for this quarter is March 2nd, so make sure you’re caught up! That deadline is coming fast!


#22: oh my dearest best most wonderfully gallant love i will meet you and we will be wed said hermia

The first part of class today was set aside for quiet reading time. You should have your second book checked off by the end of the week to be on track to finish.

The second part of class we introduced you to the next step on your world tour project, which involves completing the spreadsheet on google drive that contains the plan for your trip. You will need to have this one assignment done by the end of the week to be considered on track to finish.


Caught Ya #21: i have an awesome idea said the intrepid shrewd clever lysander. my wealthy aunt has an abode outside the jurisdiction of athenian law. lets leave our respective homes in stealth meet in the woods and elope to my aunts house to be married. we will effect our own future.


During the first part of class you had time to read. The first book on your list should be checked off today to be considered on track. You also had time to continue work on your World Tour project. Grades for that project will be going in this weekend, so if you are behind, catch up quick!


Caught Ya #20: oh my sweet Lysander woe is i. me and you cannot marry. my strict father will not allow it and i do not love demetrius. i am in the same position as juliet hermia said again referring to the classic tale romeo and juliet. i shall have to marry someone I do not love or spend the rest of my life in a convent. if only I was a boy she uttered with a sigh

Today in class we reviewed the discussion question for this week’s reading and had time to read in class.  Afterward, you had time set aside to work on assignments for your trip around the world project.  Remember that you should be getting two of these assignments done per class day to be considered on task.


Caught Ya #19: why are you so pale my love asked lysander of his paramour. among us we can solve this problem that effects us so profoundly. your visage is so lovely

During the first part of class today, time was set aside specifically for independent reading.  There is a discussion board up on Canvas today that asks you to write about what you’ve been reading thus far. You will have one of these per week of independent reading time in class.

The second part of class today was set aside for time to work on the Trip Around the World assignment, in addition to the other assignments you have.  Remember that in order to stay on top of your work, you’ll need to complete roughly two assignments per class period.


C’Ya #18: theseus then left with hippolyta egeus and demetrius following him had herd enough of this lamentable families squabble and he wanted to discuss business with egeus and demetrius. lysander and hermia are left alone

Today in class we talked about how to find a good book to read and had time set aside to go to the library to check out books for the Independent Reading unit. You will need to have a book with you at the start of class on Thursday in order to receive participation credit for the day!

The rest of class time was set aside to work on the Trip Around the World project.  Remember that you need to finish approximately 2-3 assignments a day in order to remain on track to complete the quarter successfully.

You also have your To Kill a Mockingbird test and the Caught Yas on Canvas to finish.