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Caught Ya #17: this is worser than a soap opera like days of your lives lysander loved hermia and demetrius loved hermia and helena adored demetrius and hermias father a pig headed opinionated austere man where his daughters were concerned and would never bend. this group of athenians were like a wild herd of warthogs with each animal running in its own direction

Today in class we introduced the major projects you will work on for the third quarter.  For English you will be working on an Independent Reading project.  The guidelines for this project are up on Canvas.  We’ll be going to the library on Tuesday to check out books!

For history, you are working on an imagined “trip around the world” with a set budget and specific requirements on the number of places you need to visit, the types of places you need to visit, etc.  Again, these requirements are up on Canvas, as are the first couple of assignments associated with this unit.  Good luck!



Caught Ya #16: lysander politely argues that he was the equal of demetrius and that in fact demetrius first had wooed another fair maiden helena. lysander continued to explain that demetrius after winning helena had jilted her like a oderous cad and than pursued hermia. he abandoned poor helena to her unrequited love

Today was our final work day in class on all late work.  EVERYTHING is due today.  Good luck!


Caught #15: hermia if you does not accept the man of my choice egeus maintained grasping at the dukes second punishment than you will die unwed in a convent. oh woe sobbed hermia. me and lysander is like the classic tale of star crossed thwarted lovers romeo and juliet. the course of true love never did run smooth adds lysander

Today, class time was set aside to work on all classwork.  We are grading late assignments as quickly as we can as they come in.  Canvas will be more accurate than powerschool if you want to see where you are at any given moment, so check there first.  We are available to help clarify any questions you may have on any assignments.  Please use us! We want to help!

All late work is due by THIS THURSDAY!


Caught Ya #14: well audacious hermia your father has the right to put you to death or send you to a convent away from all men if you don not obey his will returned theseus. you have until my and hippolytas wedding day to decide your own fate he concluded

Today during class, those who wanted to join came and joined in a discussion on the last four chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird.  The test for this book and the quotes on your theme tracker will  be posted this week and due in the middle of January.

We have lots of time during the last week before late work is due for you to get caught up on missing work and to get information from us on how to complete those assignments if you are lost.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.  Talk with us, ask us questions—we’re here to help!


Caught Ya #14: watch your food supply uncle leonato teased beatrice for benedick is known for his excellent stomach. in other words he is not frugal with his fork. hero giggled at her cousins implications but didnt say nothing

During the first part of class, those interested joined as we read the last chapter of The Hiding Place and filled out the remainder of the theme tracker.  We discussed the end of the book and the test questions we want this time.  Those will be posted soon and due in January after our break.

The second part of class we started watching an edited version of the HBO miniseries, John Adams.  We are watching an edited version of the first episode and the entirety of the second episode.  You can watch the rest on your own at home (it’s streaming on Amazon Prime), but we recommend talking to your parents first, as some of the content of the last episodes is a bit graphic.


Caught Ya#13: i entreat your grace to pardon me for loving and beg you to tell me what may befall me if i refuse to marry demetrius and my family will not give me its approval and i do not want to carry any unwished yoke hermia beseeched

During the first part of class today, those interested joined us as we discussed the trial in To Kill a Mockingbird and read chapter 26.  You need to read through chapter 27 for Thursday.  We will also be picking which questions will be on your test, so be prepared for that discussion.

The second part of class we offered a discussion on the Tao Te Ching.  This is a difficult reading, so if you are unsure of something or need further help, come talk to us.  There are assignments on this reading on Canvas already.


Caught Ya #12: you wouldnt me and lysander love each other sobbed hermia in palpable distress. you dont understand what is between i and him. and what do you have to say for yourself hermia asked theseus. your father of course should be like a god to you

Your next Caught Ya quiz will be posted soon on Canvas.  Keep your eye out!

Today in class we introduced the Tao Te Ching.  This is a very difficult reading that is difficult to do on your own.  Make sure you know this information.  You can come talk to us or a trustworthy friend for information on the reading. The remainder of class time was spent for time to get make up work done.  Remember that all late work is due on December 14th!


Caught Ya #11: then he audaciously supplicated his ruler ah my duke he said i beg you to enforce the athenian law which gives fathers absolute power over there wayward daughters. if she does not wed demetrius i may according to our law put her to death

Today in class we watched Wreck It Ralph.  Your assignment for this film is available on Canvas—you will need to connect it to what we’ve read from Confucius.

As a reminder: All late work is due by midnight on December 14th.  That deadline is approaching quickly and many of you are behind.  Catch up!


Bellwork: Write a love letter (or break-up letter) to your favorite/least favorite Thanksgiving food.

Today in class we offered the following class activities:

  1. Read/discussed chapters 17-23 with Miss Newman and discuss that section of the book and how it relates to the main themes.
  2. Read through the Confucian Analects with Mr. Duffin

Students who chose not to participate with us were given time to work on their assignments on Canvas.  All of the work you need to do with the history and English assignments right now can be found on Canvas, so class can be an Independent Study if desired.  Use your class time well!


Bellwork: What great thing are you going to do today?

Today during our first period, those who were interested were invited to participate in a reading/discussion of chapter 15 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  During our second period, students could participate in a discussion of The Great Learning if they chose.  Those who chose not to participate were encouraged to make progress on the class.  All the assignments for the rest of the quarter are posted on Canvas.