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Bellwork: Why do you think Harper Lee chose to write a scene in which Scout and Jem go to church with Cal? How does this scene help us think more deeply about the themes of the book? How does it teach us about the characters in a new way?

Turn in Bellwork, please¬†ūüôā

Today in class we read through chapter thirteen of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You will need to read chapter 14 on your own at home.  The discussion boards are up for the rest of the book, so you can work ahead if you need to.

We also had time set aside for you to either work and discuss with us or work on missing assignments.

Be sure to check Canvas for assignments!



Caught Ya #10: 

the letter read

dearest father

i can not except demetrius as my mate for my heart lies with lysander i will not abide being married to a man that i do not love

youre dolorous daughter



Most of class today was taken up by the CAW week assembly, but during our class time we read chapter 11 as a group and added to our theme tracker.  You need to finish chapter 12 on your own over the weekend.  Your next discussion board is due before class begins on Tuesday.  Good luck!


Today we had our field trip to the Hare Krishna temple. ¬†If you missed the trip, you’ll need to do the make up assignment on Canvas. ¬†See you Thursday!


Caught Ya #9: and in fact he has sent hermia so many trinkets she could open a gift shop and make a pretty penny this knave so convinced her that she defied me and gave me this note egeus concluded his complaint as he brandished a short note under theseuss nose

Today in class so few people were prepared that we cancelled planned activities and let students decide how they were going to spend their time.  We will hold class again when students request that we participate.  In the meantime, you have assignments on Canvas to keep you busy.


Bellwork: What influences our moral development? What experiences have you had that lead you to determine what is right or what is wrong?

Today we read through chapter seven of To Kill a Mockingbird in class.  You need to read chapter eight by next Thursday.  Make sure you are keeping up on your reading assignments.  Check Canvas for discussion board assignments!

We also introduced the basic tenants of Buddhism today.  You will want to get a copy of these notes from a neighbor.

Make sure you do your weekly report, catch up on your reading, and stay up to date on assignments that are posted on Canvas.


Caught Ya #8: my noble lord my most disobedient daughter hermia has been bewitched by lysander egeus said. this lysander has sent her poems and love tokens and he has sung under her window feigning love and he has stolen her heart with presents and cunning he continued

Today in class we discussed chapter four of To Kill a Mockingbird and read chapter five.  While reading, we added to our theme tracker and reviewed the discussion board questions that are available.  You will want this information.  You can pick it up from us or get it from a friend.

We also talked about the alternate assessment opportunity for the Bhagavad Gita.  Specifically, you can assign yourself something that will rid you of a sense object that is controlling you (consider a temporary fast from your phones, from sugar, from something else.  Don’t do something that would go against doctor recommendations!)

Come talk to us if you have any ideas or aren’t clear on the requirements.

Check Canvas for assignments and make sure you do your weekly report!


Bellwork: How does our membership in various groups (families, schools, neighborhoods, nations) affect how others think about us? How does it affect how we think about ourselves? Are those impressions ever accurate?

Today in class we read through chapter three of To Kill a Mockingbird as a group and filled out a bit more of the theme tracker.  You will have a discussion board quiz on Canvas for the chapters we’ve read thus far, so keep up on your reading! (Check your reading schedule.)

We also had an in-class reading/pondering activity with the Bhagavad Gita.  Go talk to Mr. Duffin about what sections of the Gita you need to read and what discussion questions you need to be prepared to respond to.


Make sure you turn in your field trip form for the Hare Krishna temple and check Canvas for current assignments. ¬†Don’t forget to do your weekly report!


Caught Ya #7: as egeus waxed angrier and angrier he explains that his daughter hermia a diminutive ball of fire is being wooed by two dudes lysander and demetrius and she would not except his choice of the 2

Today in class we passed out the To Kill a Mockingbird reading schedule and theme tracker, as well as the Hare Krishna temple field trip form.  You will need to get copies of these from us.

Additionally, we read through the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You need to finish the second chapter over the weekend.

We also continued notes on the Bhagavad Gita.  You have several quizzes on Canvas to check understanding of recent class activities, so be sure to check in on Canvas and get those assignments done.

Have a good weekend!


Bellwork: What are stereotypes and how do they affect how we see ourselves and how others see us?

Today bellwork was turned in!

Today we started introducing the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird, primarily focussing on how people define themselves, how society defines people, and how those two definitions can cause conflict and/or confusion. We will start reading the book in class during our next class period.

We also started reading the Bhagavad Gita.  You will want to get notes from us or from someone else so that you can understand the story that you missed.


Make sure you have your book with you next class period.

Have you finished/submitted your test?

Make sure you do your Caught Ya quiz on Canvas.

Make sure you submit your Weekly Report by Thursday.



Caught Ya #6: 

and suddenly they were interrupted by the arrival of egeus an angry father who lay before his ruler his rebellious daughter and the 2 young men who professed to love her a prodigious problem

Your Caught Ya check will be posted on Canvas.  You have a week to get it done once it is available :).

Today in class we went over the Frankenstein/Book of the Dead test that is posted on Canvas.  The test is posted in three different sections on Canvas (two short answer and one long essay).  The instructions and deadlines are posted on the assignments.  If you have any questions, let us know.

In addition to some test work time, we also started to go over some of the history of the Bhagavad Gita. ¬†You will need to pick up a copy of the reading and get notes on the vocabulary we went over‚Äďit will help give you context for your reading of the Bhagavad Gita.