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Bellwork: How does our membership in various groups (families, schools, neighborhoods, nations) affect how others think about us? How does it affect how we think about ourselves? Are those impressions ever accurate?

Today in class we read through chapter three of To Kill a Mockingbird as a group and filled out a bit more of the theme tracker.  You will have a discussion board quiz on Canvas for the chapters we’ve read thus far, so keep up on your reading! (Check your reading schedule.)

We also had an in-class reading/pondering activity with the Bhagavad Gita.  Go talk to Mr. Duffin about what sections of the Gita you need to read and what discussion questions you need to be prepared to respond to.


Make sure you turn in your field trip form for the Hare Krishna temple and check Canvas for current assignments.  Don’t forget to do your weekly report!



Caught Ya #7: as egeus waxed angrier and angrier he explains that his daughter hermia a diminutive ball of fire is being wooed by two dudes lysander and demetrius and she would not except his choice of the 2

Today in class we passed out the To Kill a Mockingbird reading schedule and theme tracker, as well as the Hare Krishna temple field trip form.  You will need to get copies of these from us.

Additionally, we read through the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You need to finish the second chapter over the weekend.

We also continued notes on the Bhagavad Gita.  You have several quizzes on Canvas to check understanding of recent class activities, so be sure to check in on Canvas and get those assignments done.

Have a good weekend!


Bellwork: What are stereotypes and how do they affect how we see ourselves and how others see us?

Today bellwork was turned in!

Today we started introducing the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird, primarily focussing on how people define themselves, how society defines people, and how those two definitions can cause conflict and/or confusion. We will start reading the book in class during our next class period.

We also started reading the Bhagavad Gita.  You will want to get notes from us or from someone else so that you can understand the story that you missed.


Make sure you have your book with you next class period.

Have you finished/submitted your test?

Make sure you do your Caught Ya quiz on Canvas.

Make sure you submit your Weekly Report by Thursday.



Caught Ya #6: 

and suddenly they were interrupted by the arrival of egeus an angry father who lay before his ruler his rebellious daughter and the 2 young men who professed to love her a prodigious problem

Your Caught Ya check will be posted on Canvas.  You have a week to get it done once it is available :).

Today in class we went over the Frankenstein/Book of the Dead test that is posted on Canvas.  The test is posted in three different sections on Canvas (two short answer and one long essay).  The instructions and deadlines are posted on the assignments.  If you have any questions, let us know.

In addition to some test work time, we also started to go over some of the history of the Bhagavad Gita.  You will need to pick up a copy of the reading and get notes on the vocabulary we went over–it will help give you context for your reading of the Bhagavad Gita.


Caught Ya #5: ah hippolyta my pert and noble bride to be let us marry with pomp and much reveling. in other words let us have a jolly good time of it too. yes my wise and noble mate to be you won me in battle you wooed me with your sword lets make a merry joyous thing of our wedding lets stop the strife among are 2 nations and have a blast

HINT: How many speakers are in the above Caught Ya?

Today in class we outlined the difference between a short response and a long response when you’re writing an essay test.  We talked about outlining each paragraph and what each section should include.  Then, we gave you some time to get some information for the test.  We will workshop paragraphs of the long response on Thursday in class.

The long response (5 paragraph minimum, including thesis statement, introduction, conclusion) is:

Both Frankenstein and The Book of the Dead describe a quest for knowledge and power.  Compare and contrast the journey presented by each text (focus on either Frankenstein or the creature, not both.) What are the strengths and/or weaknesses of each journey? How should one strive for knowledge and/or power?


  1. Weekly Report
  2. Do you have your book?  You need it next Monday!
  3. Your test will be posted on Canvas on Wednesday.  It is due on Wednesday, October 18.  You can get a bonus if you turn it in early!


Caught Ya #4: theseus had just ordered philostrate his master of revelry to devise some diversion to distract he and hippolyta until their wedding day

Today in class we workshopped the short answer response for your final essay test.  We selected the prompts that will be on the essay test that you can choose from and workshopped responses to the prompt “Parents have a never-ending responsibility to their children.”  Everyone wrote a response and we workshopped them as a group to practice for the essay.  (You can use these practices for the final test if you want to!)

Upcoming Deadlines: 

  1. Late work is due 10/9
  2. If you need us to order a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird for you, we need a receipt from the front desk by tomorrow at 4:00.
  3. The deadline of the social media assignment has been moved to Monday to accommodate some technological issues people have had.  We went over some of the technology tricks with Canvas in class today – come see us for help if you need it.
  4. There is a quiz on the end of the book due for Monday (on Canvas).
  5. Your test is coming!  It will be given out next week.
  6. Egyptian Symbol test is due on Thursday.

We also had our beginning discussions to prepare us for our study of the Bhagavad Gita.  Remember that this is a sacred text for millions of people in the world.  Our job is to approach it professionally and with respect!


Caught Ya #3: they were impatient as would be any red blooded middle aged couple for theyre nuptial day to arrive five days hence on july 1 1600

Today in class we began with time to work on the following assignments for Frankenstein: 

  1. You need to finish reading the book.
  2. You need to finish the Egyptian Symbolism Quiz (Canvas).
  3. You have the Social Media assignment due this Thursday (on Canvas).
  4. You have all late work due next Monday
  5. You have a quiz for the end of the book due on Monday (on Canvas).

We also discussed the history of the Aryans, their connection to Egypt, and the Great Migration.  You will need these notes for upcoming quizzes and tests, so talk to a friend (or to us) to get these notes.


Caught Ya #2: our jovial and mirthful story commences when theseus the duke of athens and his bride to be hippolyta the comely queen of the amazons was planning the pagentry for there forthcoming wedding

In class today we went over the Canvas page for our class and made sure that everyone was able to log in.  If you are unsure of how to log in, come talk to us for help.

After that, the bulk of class time was set aside for getting work done on the assignments that are currently given, including:

  1. The Book of the Dead/Egyptian Symbols quiz is available on Canvas and is due on Thursday of next week.
  2. You need to read through chapter 22 for Tuesday.
  3. The Frankenstein chapters 17-22 assignment is due for Thursday, and is available on Canvas.
  4. All late work is due on October 9th.


Today we introduced “Caught Ya’s”.  These are a grammar assignment where you will be asked to type out a sentence (or sentences) with 100% accuracy.  We will give you the wrong sentence, you’ll correct it to the best of your own ability, then we will correct it as a class.  After we have finished six, you will be given two at random on a Canvas quiz that you will have to submit.  You do have to make these up if you are absent, and you can find them here, or in a folder in our classroom.

Caught Ya: 

  1. this is the earthy tale of love impending nuptials trickery mistaken identities passion and celebration which involves fairies sprites noblemen and hard-handed laborers that takes place in the ancient kingdom of athens greece where mens words were the law and women were subjugated to there will

Today we also finished going over The Book of the Dead and talked a bit about Frankenstein.  You need to read chapters 20-22 on your own at home – these chapters will be quizzed.  You don’t need to read these chapters for intense detail, but don’t just skim either.

Finally, we started sorting!


Bellwork: What are the pros and cons of Victor creating a female companion for the creature?

Today in class we had a (fantastic!) discussion on the benefits and drawbacks to the creature’s request that Victor make him a female companion.  We also went through the theme tracker as a class and added some more detail to what we did on Tuesday, as well as finishing off the categories we didn’t get to last time.  You need to read chapters 17-19 for Tuesday.  Don’t worry about doing these chapters with intensely close reading, but don’t just get a summary either.  Somewhere in between.

We also looked over the full-sized complete “Book of Ani” (Ani’s book of the dead) and identified the different steps in pictures that are there.  These are the steps we reviewed in class when we read the book, but in picture form.  You will need to be able to identify these steps on the test by looking at the pictures in question and describing what’s happening in each picture.  You’ll want to come get an explanation from us (or from a friend you trust) so that you are prepared for this section of the test.

Don’t forget to do your weekly report!