Grade Book FAQs

How do I find out my student’s grade?

  • Go to Aspire and log in using your student’s school ID number and password.  Their ID is their lunch number and located on their student ID.  If you have not set up a password, contact the front office for help.
  • You will see individual classes for your student listed with the overall grade for each class.
  • To see the actual assignment breakdown, click on the class itself and it will pull up a pop-up screen that has the full grade report.

How often are grades updated?

  • According to Merit Academy policy, grades must be updated each week by Friday.  We update grades at least once a week unless no assignments have come in.
  • Essays and longer projects may take longer than a week to be graded.  Generally we have them graded and returned within 2-3 weeks.
  • We keep a digital record of how often grades are updated and what is updated when.  You are welcome to ask for a report at any time.

My student has an assignment marked as missing but they say they turned it in.  What’s going on?

  • Aspire is sometimes a bit tricky.  If we enter an assignment but not a score for a student, it will count the assignment as missing.  Sometimes, especially on major assignments or in case of an absence, we will leave a score blank so that it won’t negatively impact a grade.  Assignments marked “missing” are not negatively impact the grade.  Assignments marked with a zero will negatively impact a grade.

How does my student make up Bellwork/Caught Ya’s?

  • Bellworks and Caught Ya’s are listed at the top of each day on the While You Were Gone page just under the heading “What we did”.

Why does my student’s grade have a .10 after it?

  • Assignments that are late are marked with a .10 after them as a visual cue to you and your student for the reason the assignment was marked with fewer points.