Our Activities

We strive to bring the students’ real world in touch with what they are studying in class.  One of the best ways to do that is through great activities.

“While Duffin and Newman are funny and goof around, they actually get stuff done and you learn.  That was the class that really helped me come out of my shell.  I believe in myself because of the things that they have taught me.”
–Crys Bunker, class of 2016

We seek to provide a menagerie of both in class and out-of-class activities to support what we do in class.

Traditional extra-curricular class activities

  • Tuesday Afternoon Movies — We often have class invited outings to the movie theater to see movies of particularly potent historical or literary value. Past movies have included Hidden Figures, Inside Out, Zootopia and Moana. After watching the movies we hold intellectual discussions to explore the academic and literary values of the movie. Students love exploring the deeper meanings of the movies they experience.
  • Summer Shakespeare Travel Study — Each year we sponsor a trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah. We prepare students before hand with classes where we read and discuss the plays we will see. (Students may opt to get High School credit for these classes which help fulfill the English graduation requirements.) We then spend a couple days in Cedar City where we attend the shows, meet with actors, take backstage tours, participate in play discussions, and have a ton of fun. This trip has become a favorite for students and parents.
  • Cultural Field Trips — We regularly take students to events of cultural importance in the area. These include attendance at local professional theater (such as Pioneer or Hale productions), Ballet West, Utah Symphony, Sundance Film Festival, special museum exhibits, and others. We spend time to prepare the students for what they will experience and time after to reflect and discuss the event.

Traditional in class activities include:

  • End of Year Gala — Traditionally, each year our students have presented a public Gala for parents and friends.  Here students create academic demonstrations that represent what they have learned from the year.  We also reminisce on the year and present various awards including our class scholarships.
  • Academic Showcases — The Fusion Program has hosted public academic showcases which feature museum exhibit installations or demonstrations created by the students and shared with the public.
  • Academic ‘Bake Offs’ — We host academic competitions where students form teams that are challenged to use creativity and academic skills to make various artifacts (i.e. best children’s book on the American Revolution, best skit on the Egyptian afterlife, best sculpture on the French Revolution, etc.). We then bring in judges and the artifacts or presentations are displayed. Winning teams are announced and celebrated.
  • Design Your Own Assignment — We often encourage students to design their own assignments. Students may always complete default assignments designed by the teachers, but students may decide there is something that will better fuel their own passions and propose a different assignment to pursue on approval from the teachers.  This has brought about some of the most treasured moments and experiences as students complete and share items they conceived themselves.  We find this often pushes students to complete more than they would if simply following the teachers’ guidelines.
  • Debate and Discussion — We encourage vibrant student debate and discussion.  We use a variety of formats to help students find a way to participate that is comfortable. This includes using technology that allows students to comment on our TV as discussion or debates are held, discussing in small or large groups, sharing anonymous comments, or tag-team debates. This has proven to be a treasured activity for our classes and, generally, the number one reason why students will complain when the bell rings and they have to end class.
  • Hands on Project-based-learning — We frequently give students project based assignments to create plays, exhibits, or other items that tap into creativity and hands-on activity.

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