Our Classroom

We strive to maintain an active, workshop-like classroom that helps students work in different creative ways as they learn the required curriculum.
“We wanted to have a classroom that feels more like we’re gathering as friends to talk, discuss and accomplish things. We want it to feel inviting and alive. We work to maintain a place that students want to come to.”
—Mr. Duffin

Students, over the years, have worked to raise funds and make improvements to the class room. They’ve donated time and materials to make give our class room the following amenities:

  • 30 iPads for use for games, research, creation and other interactions.
  • A Cart with an additional 25 computers
  • Full multimedia presentation set up with 65″ screen, Bose 5.1 surround sound, document camera, computer connection, Blu-ray connection.
  • A gong. (That’s right, a gong. All class rooms should have a gong. 😉 )
  • Couches and other diverse seating arrangements.
  • Original artwork and décor. (We have numerous original art pieces from students.)
  • Many class relics from past years and activities. They all have their own stories.
  • A fountain shrine. (Of course. Why not?)

We want our classroom to be adaptable to various students activities to help support and enable engagement and creativity through many different styles of activities.


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